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Institute of Applied Physics
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On-going projects

Local projects:

  1. ANCD 20.80009.5007.01 (2020 - 2023) Quantum cooperativity between emitters (nuclei, atoms, quantum dots, molecules, biomolecules, meta-materials) and its application in computer science, advanced bio-photonics and optogenetics, head - Nicolae Enaki, Dr.Sci., prof.
  2. ANCD 20.80009.5007.03 (2020 - 2023) Photovoltaic and photonic devices with active elements from new chalcoghenic materials obtained through economically accessible technologies, head - Ernest Arushanov, Dr.Sci., prof., acad. ASM
  3. ANCD 20.80009.5007.06 (2020 - 2023) Intensification of transfer and processing processes in electric, electromagnetic, cavitational fields; applicability, head - Mircea Bologa, Dr.Sci., prof., acad. ASM
  4. ANCD 20.80009.5007.07 (2020 - 2023) Advanced Hybrid Quantum Technologies, head - Mihai Macovei, Dr.Sci., assoc. prof.
  5. ANCD 20.80009.5007.14 (2020 - 2023) Multifunctional hybrid nanocomposites of different architecture from polymers and non- crystalline semiconductors for applications in optoelectronics,photonics and biomedicine, head - Mihail Iovu, Dr.Sci., prof.
  6. ANCD 20.80009.5007.15 (2020 - 2023) Implementation of crystal engineering approach and X-ray crystallography for design and creation of hybrid organic/inorganic materials with advanced physical and biologically active functions, head - Victor Kravtsov, Ph.D., assoc. prof.
  7. ANCD 20.80009.5007.18 (2020 - 2023) Manufacturing of new micro- and nanostructuring materials by physico-chemical methods and the elaboration of technologies on their base, head - Alexandsr Dikusar, Dr.Sci., prof., cor.-mem. ASM
  8. ANCD 20.80009.5007.19 (2020 - 2023) New uni-, bi- and three-dimensional materials with controlled magnetic, optical and dielectric properties based on transition metals, head - Leonid Kulyuk, Dr.Sc., prof., acad. ASM

Bilateral projects:

  1. ANCD 18.80013.16.02.01/ERA.Net (2018 - 2020) Development of a method for improving material properties by combined bulk and surface plastic, head - Daria Grabco, prof.
  2. ANCD 19.80013.16.02.01F/BL (2019 - 2020) The growth of the Cu2Zn1-xCdxSnS4 solid solutions and the study of their physico-chemical and physical properties for the design of the solar photoconverters, head - Ernest Arushanov, acad. ASM, Dr.Sci., prof.
  3. ANCD 19.80013.50.07.04A/BL (2019 - 2020) Design and developments of optical vortices on the azopolymers thin films for biomedicine, head - Elena Achimova, Ph.D.
  4. ANCD 19.80013.50.07.05A/BL (2019 - 2020) Technology method of fabrication of holographic diffractive optical elements in thin-film structures of metal-chalcogenide glass semiconductor, head - Andrian Nastas, Ph.D.
  5. ANCD 19.80013.50.07.06A/BL (2019 - 2020) Carbide and nanostructure synthesis technology by electric-sparks alloying with graphite, Ti and W electrodes and their influence on the properties of metal surfaces, head - Valentin Mihailov, Ph.D.
  6. ANCD 19.80013.58.07.07A/BL (2019 - 2020) Synthesis of UV irradiation conversion films and their use for increasing the efficiency of silicon solar cells, head - Dormidont Sherban, Dr.Sci.

International projects:

  1. ANCD 20.70086.16/COV (2020 - 2021) Biomedical application of polarized digital holographic microscopy, head - Elena Achimova, D.Sci.
  2. H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017-777968 (2017 - 2021) International cooperation for the development of cost-efficient kesterite/c-Si thin film next generation tandem solar cells, head - Ernest Arushanov, acad. ASM
  3. H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017-778357 (2018 - 2022) Multiscaled Smart Metallic and Semiconductor Electrodes for Electrochemical Processing and Devices, head - Natalia Tsyntsaru, Ph.D.

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