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Project CSSDT 18.80012.02.10F Growth technology of superconducting monocrystals based on iron calcogenisers of type Fe1+xTe1-xSex and RbFe2Se2-xSx

Type :Project for young scientists, SCSTD code 18.80012.02.10F
Head :Roman Marianna, Ph.D
Duration :2018 - 2019
Division(s) :Laboratory of Physics of Semiconductor Compounds “Sergiu Radautsan”,
Laboratory of Materials for Photovoltaics and Photonics

Objectives of the project:

  1. Establishment of the optimal growth regimes of quasi-one-dimensional single crystals of the Fe1+yTe1-xSex and RbFe2Se2-xSx superconductors with different concentrations of anion substitution (x).
  2. Determination of the structural, magnetic and transport properties of the Fe1+yTe1-xSex and RbFe2Se2-xSxsingle crystals.
  3. Finding out structural, magnetic and charge correlations, as well as, the dependence of these properties on the type and concentration of the anion substitution.

The results of this research will help to deepen our understanding and substantiate of the physical phenomena and clarify the mechanisms of the appearance of the superconducting state into iron-based unconventional superconducting materials. Particular attention will be paid to the phase separation of superconducting and antiferromagnetic order and to highlighting the conditions of occurrence of this unique phenomenon in the materials under investigation.

Marianna Roman
project head
cab.: 239 
phone: +(373) 22 738129 
e-mail: [javascript protected email address]
Viorel Felea
senior scientific researcher
cab.: 201
phone:+(373) 22 738171
email: [javascript protected email address]
Lilian Prodan 
scientific researcher
cab.: 206 
phone: +(373) 22 738171 
e-mail: [javascript protected email address]
Dorina Croitori
stagiar scientific researcher
cab.: 206 
phone: +(373) 22 738171 
e-mail: <email>
Constantin Losmanschii
cab.: 202
phone.: +(373) 22 738170
e-mail: [javascript protected email address]
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